Indian Paintbrush

One of our favorite spring flowers on the farm! One of the most gorgeous wildflowers in Texas, the Indian Paintbrush, offers us aesthetic pleasures in an array of colors ranging from yellow to salmon to pink to purple to red. They are also among our cattle's favorite pasture treats in April!

Our free-range chicks soon after we started our flock in 2005. Well, they are not caged like factory chicken you buy at the grocery store. However, they are not completely free either. They are out during the day when we're around. When we are not, or when it's dark, we take them inside a pretty spacious home designed specifically for this little flock. They can still peck the ground underneath, but have protection from hawks, snakes, skunks, coyotes and such.

Right now these birds are just for our own eating, but keep an eye out for eggs and chicken meat for sale in the future as the flock grows.